Single Rooms

A single room is approximately 11 m2 and includes a bed, nightstand, wall table with chair and lamp, and a wardrobe. Each room has adjustable heating.

Double Rooms

A double room is equipped with two individual beds, each accompanied by a night table. Additionally, the room includes a wall table with two chairs and a light, as well as a wardrobe. The room’s individual heating can be adjusted according to your preferences. The total size of the room is approximately 15 square meters.


The apartment consists of a living room, small kitchen, bedroom with a single bed, and a bathroom. Additionally, the living room includes a sofa bed.

Group Room

The group room has four sleeping areas separated by open partitions. There is access to a shared kitchen and bathroom.


Dining Room


Meditation Room

Central Room



Disclaimer: None of the activities of Shamali Nature and Retreat Center are intended to be "psycho-therapeutic" or to treat active or latent emotional, physical or mental disease. Participants in any activities of Shamali Nature and Retreat Center should be aware that they do so as fully responsible adults for the sole purpose of spiritual development.

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