Shamali Nature and Retreat Center

Shamali is a spiritual retreat center dedicated to cultivating and enhancing the inner life of individuals. Our center is located in the Flatanger community in Norway and is surrounded by pristine natural surroundings in all directions. At Shamali, you can connect with the earth and yourself on a profound level. The mountains, sea, air, and nearby forest provide a rich environment for personal and collective growth.

Visitors and Retreatants

Our center is a serene place that welcomes diverse visitors who wish to explore their inner and outer nature. Some visitors simply come to enjoy the peacefulness and socialize with people who share similar interests, while others meditate or seek respite from their busy lives. Some come to explore the stunning natural surroundings. Whatever your reason for visiting, you will find a place where you can be yourself and reconnect with your true nature.

The Center is also the Retreat Center of the Norwegian Sufi Community, and as such, organizes spiritual retreats, guided as well as unguided, for individuals as well as small groups. For this purpose, spiritual guides are present. Retreats are often designed individually, depending on the needs of the retreatant(s). For those on a spiritual path, such retreats form a wonderful possibility to deepen and balance one’s experiences in life.

The Norwegian Sufi Community is a mystical Community founded about 100 years ago after a visit by the Indian mystic Inayat Khan to Norway. For more information about the Community, you can take a look at the website

There are different kinds of bedrooms, collective kitchens where you can prepare your food, and a collective bathroom/washing room available. You can see some pictures of the facilities on the “About” page.

Pictures from nature around the retreat center


The Center is situated in a small valley on the coast of Nord Trøndelag, surrounded by forests, mountains, sea, and streams with waterfalls. The area is home to a diverse range of wildlife such as moose, deer, and even reindeer, although sightings are not guaranteed. However, you can easily spot their traces and the trails they use through the forests.

Disclaimer: None of the activities of Shamali Nature and Retreat Center are intended to be "psycho-therapeutic" or to treat active or latent emotional, physical or mental disease. Participants in any activities of Shamali Nature and Retreat Center should be aware that they do so as fully responsible adults for the sole purpose of spiritual development.

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Shamali Nature and Retreat Center is a non-profit organization, registered with org. number: 928662616

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